Wednesday, October 7, 2009


a poem written by Me.
for the first time, I felt warmth!
The palette of red, orange, brown, and yellow took over our bodies.
like the sun's ray's in the sky;
like bubbles in water, where the only gap is air.
I want to breath your air, from those lips of yours that taste so right to me!
Odd to say, that if your lips were the last I'd ever taste I'd feel no regrets!
To think something so young can feel so tender.
I feel like you see through me when we hardly know each other.
Your eyes, They're promising; lovely!
You say mine are kind.
I look into them and I see crystal clear reflections,
as clear as what is happening!
You talk.
I shiver!
You kiss me.
I melt!
I kiss you.
You melt!
Together we melt!
Melting, melted like warm wax.
I felt warmth for the first time!
Tonight, I knew I wanted you to be mine!

Shows I Am LOOOOVING This Fall!!

Here are some shows I have loaded and jam-packed my Fall with!! Maybe a little too many to handle! ^_^ But they are so good! Check them out!!!






"I'm Baaaaaack!"

Lol it's been awhile guys, but I'm trying to make a little time to get a few blogs in! I just don't have the time I did a few months ago to just blog more often, I wish I did though, I've really began to enjoy expressing myself and showing off the things I like and my thoughts through here! Since I last blogged I've been through quite a few things, relationship wise, school, economical. You could say this year has been quite a stepping stone for me, I feel like I learned quite a few lessons sadly the hard way but at least they were learned and now I finally feel like I'm entering the next chapter in my life! I've realized I really want to focus on film, photography and fashion! I want to attempt working on all 3 as simultaneously as possible, it be a dream to direct, photograph, and design clothes! I realized why should I have to pick just one when I am so interested in all 3! I am going to go to school mainly for my film Bachelors but I want to save up and start making my clothes and hopefully soon by myself a more professional camera and start doing photo shoots. :) I think now more than ever I'm really just ready to embark on my future and focus on making something of myself and producing ART more than anything! That's my number one true love, art!

As for life right now, things are getting better! I just got news today that I was selected for a job I applied for a few weeks ago! I'm sooooo soooo sooo excited for that! It's going to be a big help enthusiastically, and financially,just what I needed right now to be able to focus more on what I want to be doing! :) As for my health, I recently had to go to the ophthalmologist because my right eye got red and swollen and at first it was thought to have been pink eye but once my eye swell up as much as it did and I went back they told me it was a stye outbreak, these nasty pimple like things that form within your eye lid, I used to get them when I was smaller, but after getting 3 removed three years ago I never got one again, until now that is! Luckily the doctor prescribed some antibiotic medication and ointment and its really healed it up beautifully, it's almost gone :) Thank god!!! The sucky part is that the pills are for the skin and make your skin sensitive to dark so I can't really get much soon and living in Miami and not getting sun is tough so I've kinda been hiding from the sun lately and I'm getting white as hell lol, now that I'm back to being a brunette and pale from my lack of sun exposure, I'm starting to look like I belong in a Twilight which isn't technically that bad, those kids are banking some big bucks, no? lol...Now all I need is Taylor Lautner's abs ;P!! Haha! As for Romance, things haven't exactly worked out the way I had thought they would...unfortunately, but every failed relationship definitely has taught me a lesson, and a few lessons at that, like I always say "I would never take back dating who I've dated and experiencing what I've experienced, because the good and the bad has brought me to be the person I am today, having learned what I now know"! Wise words from Randy ;)! Now I may not be dating anyone at the moment but I am sure as hell moving forward knowing a little better what it is I want in a person! At the moment I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out, and I'm just excited to start making some clothes, working on some more photos and projects, working on the whole acting thing, writing down some short film ideas and making them happen, start working, have this eye fully heal up so that I can go out DANCING ^_^ and just ready to live my life, one step at a time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

This Phrase Is Lingering In My Mind...

..."We Reap What We Sow!"
we all do it! Why the line came to mind
today?...I have no idea! lol, It just did,
thought I'd share it with you guys, we
have to becareful, what we damage
as we try to mend things! <3
Just a little bit of profound stuff
for ya today ;). Take it easy guys!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Wouldn't Want To Listen To Anything Else.

Hey guys, I know I've been gone for awhile. Been busy with life! Lol, hadn't found the time to get on here and blog until today. I've been doing a bunch of job hunting and partying lol I can't complain, I've been enjoying life at every possible chance and just been doing a lot of growing up and introspection. But when I haven't been doing that, I've been working on my photography, I've been working out a lot more often (been jogging and doing pilates and exercising on my AirClimber, which is amazing by the way) and I even found time to bleach and dye my hair blond, going for a James Dean look...and with good reason ;) but that I will leave on the D.L. until when I've finished what I want to do and can show off my project for you guys to see!

So I figured I'd blog about music because I've spent all day today listening to music and lately I've found a few good artists who have stuck to me and become a part of my favorite's list. These being songs I could listen to over and over again....and I HAVE! lol I want to introduce them to you so that you can see the singers, songs, and music videos I am digging at the moment :). Here they are, I hope you enjoy them!!!

So I'm starting off the list with
Jack Peñate. Jack is from the UK ("I love me the british musicians!") and what I really love about him is how his music varies and has different sounds. I've heard a few of his songs and I've yet to find a similar sound among all his stuff! The two music videos of his that really caught my eye and ear were these two:

Tonight's Today

and Be The One.

Both unique yet very artistic and visually flattering, each music video provides a sense of entertainment and the songs provide great rhythm :).

The second artist on my list is coming to concert here in Florida next month, I am very excited to go see them because their soft tunes and New Orleans-esque sound has really grown on me! The band's name is Cat Power, you might remember the lead singer, Chan Marshall, from the movie My Blueberry Nights, which she co-stared along side Natalie Portman, Norah Jones, and Jude Law with. It was a small movie and it went at a bit of a slow pace, but the colors and cinematography of the movie were pretty stunning, if you haven't seen it yet, you should try checking it out if your into the indie, colorful, love, drama! lol As for the band, it was too difficult to pick a few good songs since most of their stuff is to me, pretty amazing! I stuck to three songs Lived In Bars, He War, and The Greatest (which the video is made up of clips from My Blueberry Nights), the videos are arranged in that exact order, here they are!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Can't Wait! :)

Today I saw the new trailer for Pedro Almodovar's new film Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos) and like all of his other films it looks very dramatic, visually stunning, mysterious, interesting, wonderfully good, and of course Penélope Cruz has a starring role in it ;), but what else is new! lol I remember hearing about this film about a year or so ago, they had photos of Penélope on JustJared during the shooting of the movie and really it doesn't seem like that happened that long ago, but no, it's been a year already! How time flies!! And the movie has already premiered in Barcelona this March and at the Cannes Film Festival now in May. It promises to be as good as his other stuff "melodramatic, yet comical; artistic, yet real" that's what I love about him so much! But what makes Almodovar so relatable to me is that he writes and directs his own stuff and that is exactly what I aspire to do!

Watch the trailer in HQ (high quality)!

Broken Embraces is about an aging and blind film director (Lluís Homar) tells his personal assistant, Diego, about his life before the accident that left him in the dark, when he became embroiled in a torrid affair with aspiring actress Lena (Penélope Cruz). His story also involves Diego's film producer mother and a deceitful financier.

Imdb says the movie will be premiering here in the states on November 20th! But only in limited places, so I hope it plays somewhere in Florida :) I really want to go see it!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Romance Has A Special Place In My Heart!

I recently saw this video on Facebook through a friend and I couldn't help but steal it from him! It was so perfectly shot and put together! And even though it has no dialogue and it's a very short film, it has a perfect way of telling you just about the right things one needs to know to be able to understand it. The story plays out very mysteriously and sexy in, of course, France (one of the sexiest places in the world) and the detail of colors and the vintage feel of the settings just makes for a "magnifique" commercial!

How amazing would it be to fall in love with someone at first sight? Or to have an interesting story of how the two of you met on a train and then on a boat and lastly at a train station where he/she came behind you and kissed you on the neck?...ahh, so sexy! But reality is that life isn't a film, things wouldn't normally happen in real life the way that they do in films, if only! Because if so I'd be right there, on that train, awaiting my turn lol.

Well at least things don't happen exactly as story like as they do in movies, but I do have hope that when I meet the one, it will be in a very special and romantic me optimistic! :) lol